“Parents at work” (P.A.W.)

a daycare/school/E.C.A carpool-matching program.

The mission of P.A.W. is to provide a safe carpool-matching transportation program for children at a reasonable price to parents amongst themselves.

P.A.W. saves families time and money by sharing the commute with others and making sure that your child always arrives on time to begin his or her activities.

We provide the opportunity to connect with other parents through our system/database allowing a single parent, parents without their own personal vehicle or even parents who prefer sending their children to a school far from work and home.

P.A.W. is a service exclusively created to help parents find transportation for their children to and from school, day care, after school activities, recreational programs, etc.

Unlike a taxi service, P.A.W. will provide this service exclusively for children. All of our parent drivers will have a background check through the SPVM.

These drivers will possess a valid driver’s license, permission to transport all children in the vehicle and a First Aid and CPR certificate.




Kids these days have schedules just about as hectic as their parents–school, soccer practice, b-day parties, ballet lessons, orthodontist appointments, after-school care–it can leave working parents with no time to work in between all these drop-off and pick-up assignments. We assist parents to find transport for Jane and John to wherever they need to be, leaving parents free of worry.