I currently use P.A.W. since December 2015 and I Love it!! I work in the same building I live in and the fact that I can get to work on time by not having to take the bus and metro just to drop my son off at daycare and come back on time for work has changed my life so much!


* Terry Ann Jackson

I drive for Paw and it helps me out so much every month I do it. I basically signed up to bring my neighbor’s daughter to and from daycare who lives literally 3 block away from us because she is single and has no car. The small detour on mornings and evenings is so worth the monthly payments, it pays my GAS!!!!!


* Maria Fernanda Taja

I visited Kara’s first NDG Daycare back in 2013 and I LOVED it so much, it was gorgeous but it was so far from where I lived in Lasalle. She offered Paws service to me since then and I was so grateful that I was not forced to send my son to a daycare in Lasalle that I didn’t like or didn’t fit the needs of my son.

This service is incredible it really allows us as parents to not feel the pressure of registering your children at a daycare you feel you would otherwise never attend.

-Elizabeth Nemeth